Friday, February 8, 2013

Your Heart ! At Every Age


You're never too young or too old to  take care of your heart.Make a smart heart choices to help keep  your heart beating strong.
A-In you 20s:
  • Find a provider and start heart screenings,including blood pressure,choleterol and body mass index.
  • Be physically active.If you start the exercise habit ealry,you're more likely to stick with it as you age.
  • Don't smoke.Smoke may be the most physically damaging health habit of all.
B-In your 20s:
  • Long-term stress can damage your arteries.Find time every day for relaxation.
  • Identify any cardiovascular problems in close relatives,such as stroke,heart attack and diabetes.then take preventive steps to reduce your risks.
C-In your 40s:
  • Loose the extra pounds.Midlife your metabolism start slowing down,often leading to weight gain.However,exercise burns calories and help boost metabolism.
  • Help your arteries with good nutrition: more fruits,vegetables,and whole grains and fewer sweets,saturated fats and trans fats.
  • Have your blood sugar checked by age 45.Your provider may suggest it earlier or more frequently if you're at high risk
D-In your 50s and 60s:
  • Don't skip your heart health screening.
  • learn the warning signs of heart attack.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes,five days a in two to three strengh training workouts weekly. 
Whatever your age,these strategies don't take much effort.Can you give your heart a few minutes every day to keep it stong?

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