Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fight and Survive the Disease Naturally

Should the human being dead and disappear in the earth?

In view of the constant contact with the outside world,bacteria;parasites;fungi and tumor cells,the human being would be always fall sick and nowadays may be disappear in the earth.However,often we resist all attacks of the outside. Our master has provided a system that allows us to defend against the attack.We call it the immune system.
This system can fight against these intruders,some time it fails and we fall sick,some time also it win and we are healed.My 88 years old mom still running looks in good shape.Does is immune system still good?Is her immune system inherited from her parents who both died over 90 and her grandmother over 100?
But if we die it means that our system fails,that will happen one day.
The immune system is our best defense against disease.They hunt viruses,fight against bacteria,fungi attack,kill parasites and tumor cells.The immune system is very essential to our survival on earth.Invisible to the naked eye,it can not be identified with a single body,and must ensure its presence throughout the body,at any time of day or night.

Symptoms of weak immune.
-A fatigue persistent which often conceals a stress or lack of sleep.-A sensibility enhanced by infections,which is observed by Colds,eruptions of Herpes,of repeated vaginitis and a persistent wart.
-Injuries taking long time to cure or healed.
People at risk.
People weakened for any of the following are particularly relevant:-A chronic or serious illness.Diabetes,pulmonary disease,a cardiovascular disease,kidney and cancer diseases.
-A surgery increasing vulnerability to nosocomial infections.
The seniors generally have weaker immune systems and greater susceptibility to infections than adults in the middle age.
Risk factors.
-The malnutrition:A poor diet in quantity or quality is the most important cause of immune deficiency and is vulnerable to several infectious diseases.
-The sedentary and conversely the over training
-The lack of sleep
-The stress.In this situation the adrenal gland secrete cortisol and the sympathetic system norepinephrine.the two substances diminish the immune system.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fat is Also Good for your Health

According to a British researchers, fat is good for your health unless is accumulated on your belly.

British say that rounded buttocks,hips as well as little fat thighs are signs of good health.So,accumulate fat on the hips,thighs and rear end is good for your and help protect against diabetes and heart disease.

However ,having fat around the waist is bad for is also bad to have fat on your stomach.The fat around the the waist can be released into the body of harmful acids and molecules called cytokines,that cause inflammation,increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease says the study published in the British International journal of obesity.

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Colds cured By Champagne

Henri Puget,author of Household remedies,offers a drink made of champagne to fight against Colds and Colds ahead.
To prepare,pour the contents of a glass of champagne in a saucepan,add two lumps of sugar and heat until the liquid quivers.Then wait for it to cool and drink before to go to bed.
It seems that patients who drink this remedy sweat a lot during the night but the next day,the flu will disappeared.The champagne mixed with sugar neutralize the cold toxins.
For those who do not like champagne they can combine a background of dark rum,a tablespoon of honey and two or three slices of lemon.Rum increases the body ability to store energy.After a drinking this beverage,the fever is suppose to go up then goes down completely(Catherine cordonnier,2010.).

Sex Vs Health

-U.S. researches have discovered that men who had sex twice a week had half the risk of having a heart attack.
-Since 1987,researchers periodically poll a thousand men aged 40 to 70 years,the frequency of sexual intercourse,after checking their cholesterol,blood pressure and an update of their heart disease.
-They have discovered that sex was not only for morale,but he had also a real impact on the heart.For men who admitted having sex a least twice a week were in better health than those with episodic sex.
-compared to others sport,sex have the same benefits on the heart and heart disease .
-Also researchers believe that having sex frequently eliminates stress,thus reducing the risk of heart attack.(
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Foods to stay young

How old are you?
Will the the twenty-first century be the century of centenarian? Now days,life expectancy is really increasing and it is not uncommon to find seniors people in good shape.With the lighting of many studies,we know now that longevity is largely the result of a healthy lifestyle and harmonious.

Whatever your age,the following foods will help you reduce the weight of years.For now,they will also help you feel more in good shape.Eat healthy and be well into your mental,is the assurance of immediate profit,without waiting for long time.

Some foods help prevent cell aging.Nutritional research shown.Compose your menu by following the ranking of foods rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.
1.Fruits:-Currants ,Gooseberries,Cranberries.
The berries are full of polyphenols,antioxidants that are also found in wine and green tea.They do provide vitamin c and calcium for good bone strength.
-Apricots and melons.
Like carrots,apricots and melons are rich in beneficial compound belonging to the family of carotenoids.This pigments that color fruits and vegetables are in great interest to scientists.people who have high level of some carorenoids in their blood have a better brain aging and the faculties like memory and attention are less affected and the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease decreases.
2-The strength of Spinach,broccoli Cabbage and tomatoes.
Research shown that the there are two pigments called Lutein and Xeaxanthin in preventing molecular degeneration related to age(AMD),the disease due to aging of the eye.These pigments also have positive effect on brain function,they are found in green vegetables but also in maize and wheat.
The tomatoes are ,along with watermelons,a tremendous source of lycopen.This powerfull antioxidant is also found in strawberries,cherries,peppers.and according to some studies,men who drink are more better protected against prostate cancer.The levels of antioxidant are more interesting in cooked tomatoes.
3-Oils rich in omega three and fatty fish.
The omega-3 reduces the artherosclerotic plaque and studies show that this polyunsaturated fatty acid protect against depression and Alzheimer;s disease.Fish is one of the most anti-aging food it is recommended to consume at least once a week.
4-Green tea coffee and wine.
Green tea contains polyphenols.when added with lemon juice,the antioxidant effect is multiplied as proven scientifically by Americans.
The coffee in small doses improve the memory.
The champion wine polyphenols when not abused is a very good source of polyphenols.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sleep and health


Sleep is the natural periodic suspension of brain activity during which the boy functions are restore.Sleep occupies a third part of our life for example a person aged 60 years had 20 years of sleep.The sleep functions is crucial for the proper functioning of the physical body and psyche.during the sleep the is a recovery of nervous fatigue and organizations and integration of knowledge,the brain is calm and there is a release of hormones into the bloodstream,the body regenerates itself.

But,disorders sleep also play an important role in the occurrence of certain disease or their aggravation.Among the diseases we have.

Sleep disorders occur specially in times of stress,tension,anxiety and can cause many health problem such as:

-problem with memory or concentration

-limited motor coordination

-fatigue and sleep deprivations,responsible for road accident

-lack of motivation

-instability and impaired social interaction


-risk of obesity

-differences increased heart


-immune system


.During your life,you spend about 6 years dreaming.

.36 % of insomniac who take pills don't not feel better in the morning..the current world record of longest period without sleep was set by Randy Gardner in 1965:11 days.

.Everyone dreams.

.five minutes after a dream half of it is forgotten,after 10 minutes 90 % is lost.

.studies shows that brain waves are more active when we dream than when we awake.

.Toddlers do not dream of them,they do not appear in their dreams before the age of 3 or 4.


Try this to find out:

to answer,use the following scale in selecting the most appropriate number for each situation.

0=no danger of falling asleep 1=low risk of sleep

2=medium risk of sleep 3=high risk of sleep

Location Risk of sleep Your score

--Sitting reading=

--Watching TV =

--Sitting inactive in a public place=

--Lying in the afternoon=

--been seated and speaking to someone =

--seating quietly after a lunch without alcohol=

--In locked car for several minutes=

Your total:


-Under 11 points your are in normal limits.

-Between 11 and 16 points you are abnormally sleepy you should consult your doctor.

-between 16 and 24 you are very sleepy and you should see you doctor.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back pain


The bad back (backache),also called back pain is an affection painful affecting mainly the lumbar region(lower back),then we walk more specifically LBP.Back pain may also affect the cervical l(upper back) and thoracic(middle back).
Strictly speaking it is not a disease but a symptom from musculoskeletal system with nerve,muscle,cartilage,disc problems or spinal osteoarthritis origins.
We distinguish backache acute(lasting less than 6 weeks) of backache chronic(more than 6 weeks).the latter,rarer,necessities absolutely a medical consultation.
The backache are rarely serious and often heal after a few days by drugs or massage.In some cases,however,back pain have more serious consequences for the patient.back pain is a major % people vocational rehabilitation .
It is estimated that worldwide 80% of people have suffered at least once in their life backache.Backache is the leading cause of medical consultation.

Although we often ignore the precise origin of backache,the possible causes of back pain is:
-Muscle problems
-Mal position
-False movements
-Psychological problems as stress or psychological shock
-The osteoporosis

-Pain and stiffness in spine
-persistent pain after long standing or sitting
-Persistent pain after carrying loads or objects
We distinguish advice during a backache or a crisis of backache advice for preventing back pain;

1-Tips for a backache
2-Prevention of back pain
Tips for backache
1-Adopt different medicines.consult osteopath,make massage,practice Yoga
or practice of the Acupuncture(useful in case of pain).
2-Avoiding staying too long in bed and lying,tell your doctor.

Prevention of back pain
3-Wear objects keeping you right and fold always knees when you lift a load.
4-Try change position often when you do a job or task such office.Always keep the same position is not good for the back.It is also advisable to get up regularly.
5-Sleep on a good mattress and good mattress(preferably hard).
6-Wear shoes which allow you feel comfortable.Shoes should also keep your feet well .
7-Avoiding becoming too obese or overweight.
8- make regularly sports like walking,cycling,aquatic gym or swimming.
9-Use Lumbar belt .