Monday, January 4, 2010

Back pain


The bad back (backache),also called back pain is an affection painful affecting mainly the lumbar region(lower back),then we walk more specifically LBP.Back pain may also affect the cervical l(upper back) and thoracic(middle back).
Strictly speaking it is not a disease but a symptom from musculoskeletal system with nerve,muscle,cartilage,disc problems or spinal osteoarthritis origins.
We distinguish backache acute(lasting less than 6 weeks) of backache chronic(more than 6 weeks).the latter,rarer,necessities absolutely a medical consultation.
The backache are rarely serious and often heal after a few days by drugs or massage.In some cases,however,back pain have more serious consequences for the patient.back pain is a major % people vocational rehabilitation .
It is estimated that worldwide 80% of people have suffered at least once in their life backache.Backache is the leading cause of medical consultation.

Although we often ignore the precise origin of backache,the possible causes of back pain is:
-Muscle problems
-Mal position
-False movements
-Psychological problems as stress or psychological shock
-The osteoporosis

-Pain and stiffness in spine
-persistent pain after long standing or sitting
-Persistent pain after carrying loads or objects
We distinguish advice during a backache or a crisis of backache advice for preventing back pain;

1-Tips for a backache
2-Prevention of back pain
Tips for backache
1-Adopt different medicines.consult osteopath,make massage,practice Yoga
or practice of the Acupuncture(useful in case of pain).
2-Avoiding staying too long in bed and lying,tell your doctor.

Prevention of back pain
3-Wear objects keeping you right and fold always knees when you lift a load.
4-Try change position often when you do a job or task such office.Always keep the same position is not good for the back.It is also advisable to get up regularly.
5-Sleep on a good mattress and good mattress(preferably hard).
6-Wear shoes which allow you feel comfortable.Shoes should also keep your feet well .
7-Avoiding becoming too obese or overweight.
8- make regularly sports like walking,cycling,aquatic gym or swimming.
9-Use Lumbar belt .

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