Monday, January 11, 2010

Foods to stay young

How old are you?
Will the the twenty-first century be the century of centenarian? Now days,life expectancy is really increasing and it is not uncommon to find seniors people in good shape.With the lighting of many studies,we know now that longevity is largely the result of a healthy lifestyle and harmonious.

Whatever your age,the following foods will help you reduce the weight of years.For now,they will also help you feel more in good shape.Eat healthy and be well into your mental,is the assurance of immediate profit,without waiting for long time.

Some foods help prevent cell aging.Nutritional research shown.Compose your menu by following the ranking of foods rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.
1.Fruits:-Currants ,Gooseberries,Cranberries.
The berries are full of polyphenols,antioxidants that are also found in wine and green tea.They do provide vitamin c and calcium for good bone strength.
-Apricots and melons.
Like carrots,apricots and melons are rich in beneficial compound belonging to the family of carotenoids.This pigments that color fruits and vegetables are in great interest to scientists.people who have high level of some carorenoids in their blood have a better brain aging and the faculties like memory and attention are less affected and the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease decreases.
2-The strength of Spinach,broccoli Cabbage and tomatoes.
Research shown that the there are two pigments called Lutein and Xeaxanthin in preventing molecular degeneration related to age(AMD),the disease due to aging of the eye.These pigments also have positive effect on brain function,they are found in green vegetables but also in maize and wheat.
The tomatoes are ,along with watermelons,a tremendous source of lycopen.This powerfull antioxidant is also found in strawberries,cherries,peppers.and according to some studies,men who drink are more better protected against prostate cancer.The levels of antioxidant are more interesting in cooked tomatoes.
3-Oils rich in omega three and fatty fish.
The omega-3 reduces the artherosclerotic plaque and studies show that this polyunsaturated fatty acid protect against depression and Alzheimer;s disease.Fish is one of the most anti-aging food it is recommended to consume at least once a week.
4-Green tea coffee and wine.
Green tea contains polyphenols.when added with lemon juice,the antioxidant effect is multiplied as proven scientifically by Americans.
The coffee in small doses improve the memory.
The champion wine polyphenols when not abused is a very good source of polyphenols.

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