Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fight and Survive the Disease Naturally

Should the human being dead and disappear in the earth?

In view of the constant contact with the outside world,bacteria;parasites;fungi and tumor cells,the human being would be always fall sick and nowadays may be disappear in the earth.However,often we resist all attacks of the outside. Our master has provided a system that allows us to defend against the attack.We call it the immune system.
This system can fight against these intruders,some time it fails and we fall sick,some time also it win and we are healed.My 88 years old mom still running looks in good shape.Does is immune system still good?Is her immune system inherited from her parents who both died over 90 and her grandmother over 100?
But if we die it means that our system fails,that will happen one day.
The immune system is our best defense against disease.They hunt viruses,fight against bacteria,fungi attack,kill parasites and tumor cells.The immune system is very essential to our survival on earth.Invisible to the naked eye,it can not be identified with a single body,and must ensure its presence throughout the body,at any time of day or night.

Symptoms of weak immune.
-A fatigue persistent which often conceals a stress or lack of sleep.-A sensibility enhanced by infections,which is observed by Colds,eruptions of Herpes,of repeated vaginitis and a persistent wart.
-Injuries taking long time to cure or healed.
People at risk.
People weakened for any of the following are particularly relevant:-A chronic or serious illness.Diabetes,pulmonary disease,a cardiovascular disease,kidney and cancer diseases.
-A surgery increasing vulnerability to nosocomial infections.
The seniors generally have weaker immune systems and greater susceptibility to infections than adults in the middle age.
Risk factors.
-The malnutrition:A poor diet in quantity or quality is the most important cause of immune deficiency and is vulnerable to several infectious diseases.
-The sedentary and conversely the over training
-The lack of sleep
-The stress.In this situation the adrenal gland secrete cortisol and the sympathetic system norepinephrine.the two substances diminish the immune system.

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