Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sleep and health


Sleep is the natural periodic suspension of brain activity during which the boy functions are restore.Sleep occupies a third part of our life for example a person aged 60 years had 20 years of sleep.The sleep functions is crucial for the proper functioning of the physical body and psyche.during the sleep the is a recovery of nervous fatigue and organizations and integration of knowledge,the brain is calm and there is a release of hormones into the bloodstream,the body regenerates itself.

But,disorders sleep also play an important role in the occurrence of certain disease or their aggravation.Among the diseases we have.

Sleep disorders occur specially in times of stress,tension,anxiety and can cause many health problem such as:

-problem with memory or concentration

-limited motor coordination

-fatigue and sleep deprivations,responsible for road accident

-lack of motivation

-instability and impaired social interaction


-risk of obesity

-differences increased heart


-immune system


.During your life,you spend about 6 years dreaming.

.36 % of insomniac who take pills don't not feel better in the morning..the current world record of longest period without sleep was set by Randy Gardner in 1965:11 days.

.Everyone dreams.

.five minutes after a dream half of it is forgotten,after 10 minutes 90 % is lost.

.studies shows that brain waves are more active when we dream than when we awake.

.Toddlers do not dream of them,they do not appear in their dreams before the age of 3 or 4.


Try this to find out:

to answer,use the following scale in selecting the most appropriate number for each situation.

0=no danger of falling asleep 1=low risk of sleep

2=medium risk of sleep 3=high risk of sleep

Location Risk of sleep Your score

--Sitting reading=

--Watching TV =

--Sitting inactive in a public place=

--Lying in the afternoon=

--been seated and speaking to someone =

--seating quietly after a lunch without alcohol=

--In locked car for several minutes=

Your total:


-Under 11 points your are in normal limits.

-Between 11 and 16 points you are abnormally sleepy you should consult your doctor.

-between 16 and 24 you are very sleepy and you should see you doctor.

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