Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colds cured By Champagne

Henri Puget,author of Household remedies,offers a drink made of champagne to fight against Colds and Colds ahead.
To prepare,pour the contents of a glass of champagne in a saucepan,add two lumps of sugar and heat until the liquid quivers.Then wait for it to cool and drink before to go to bed.
It seems that patients who drink this remedy sweat a lot during the night but the next day,the flu will disappeared.The champagne mixed with sugar neutralize the cold toxins.
For those who do not like champagne they can combine a background of dark rum,a tablespoon of honey and two or three slices of lemon.Rum increases the body ability to store energy.After a drinking this beverage,the fever is suppose to go up then goes down completely(Catherine cordonnier,2010.).

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