Monday, December 7, 2009

health care

This is to let you know that this is about a health blog,with tips how to increase the health of each other of us.Managing your health is the best way for a long living life.In this blog your will find all information you need to improve your health.Let us all improve our health.
The first day God created the cow.God said, "You must go to the field with the farmer all day suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer. So, I am given you sixty years of life."The cow said, "is a damned tough life you want for me during sixty years. It's OK for 20 years and I give the other forty. "And God agreed.

The second day, God created the dog.God said, "Sit all day on the threshold of house and barks at anyone who enters or passes. I give you a period life of twenty years. "The dog said, "is too long for barking.Give me ten years and I pay the other 10. "So God has again been agreed (sigh).

The third day God created the monkey.God said, "Have fun of people, scientists made tours, made them laugh. I'll give a lifespan of twenty years. "The monkey said," Doing antics for 20 years? it's too boring! The dog has rendered 10 years, right? Bin I'm like, okay? "Again God has been agreed.

The fourth day God created man.God said, "Eat, sleep, play, , fun yourself. Be glad, good, quiet what! I give you 20 years. "The man replied," What? Only twenty years?That slab. Listen, I take my 20, 40 that the cow was delivered on 10 of dogs and 10 monkeys. It makes 80, okay? ""OK!" God replied. "bargain".
Thus during the first twenty years of our live ,seat, sleep, play, kiss, have fun and do nothing while the next forty years we have been working like a slave in the sun to maintain our family during the next decade we do of antics to entertain our grandchildren; and during the ten years we sit in front of the house to bark throughout the world! (Alain Bruno

It is considered that healthy nourishment is a guarantee for a longer life. Nevertheless, it is considered that a constant diet does not guarantee at all the longevity. Certain recent discoveries of the American scientists emerged as a shock: people with excessive weight live longer that thin people!

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