Saturday, December 12, 2009

Use your brain

1-The Frontal Lobe:
-How we interact with our surroundings.
-How we react to our environment.
-Our judgments on daily routines.
-Our emotional responses.
-Our expressive language.
-Assigns meaning to words we choose.
-Involves word association.
-Memory for habits and motor activities.
2-The Temporal Lobe:
-Visual perceptions.
-Categorizing of objects.
-Problems this can cause:
-The Brain Stem:
-Heart Rate
-Reflexes to seeing and hearing.
-Controls sweating, blood pressure, digestion, temperature (autonomic nervous system).
-Affects level of alertness.
-Ability to sleep.
-Sense of balance.

3-The Cerebellum:
-Coordination and voluntary movement.
-Balance and equilibrium.
-Some memory for reflex motor acts.

4-Occipital Lobe:

5-Parietal Lobe:
-ocation for visual attention.
-Location for touch perception.
-Goal directed voluntary movements.
-Manipulation of objects.
-Integration of different senses that allows for understanding a single concept.

1-You are in the forest of the Amazon or in the equatorial forests of Africa and you leave a village for an other.You bring with you a Lion, a Goat and Cassava leaves.After a long trip, you get to a great river which you must cross by swimming.You can cross only one thing at a time.You have the duty not to lose one of these three things.What are you going to do with these things, because if you go with cassava leaves, the Lion will stay devour the Goat , but if you go with the Lion, the Goat will eat the cassava leaves .You can cross many times as you want but do everything to preserve the Lion ,the Goat and the cassava leaves .How will you proceed?

2-You sleep deeply and you dream that you are chase by a Lion.You start a running and you see a tree in front of you and you jump on it.Unfortunately,on that tree, you notice that there is a Tiger.What are you gonna do to escape these two animals and stay alive?

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