Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The balance of the fiftieth age.

Even well and without apparent trouble, a man must undergo a full medical evaluationl. The goal is not to worry but inversely to reassure and prevent certain diseases that, with age, are most likely to occur: cardiovascular diseases, Sexual Disorders sight problem, Prostate...
In practice, what Reviews to make and then how often?
What results from 50 years?
-Measuring blood pressure:
To monitor cardiovascular risk.
At least once a year.
-Balance Sheet blood cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, blood count, inflammatory markers ...
To assess cardiovascular risk.
Every 2 to 5 years if results are normal.
-Balance Sheet Urinary: hematuria, proteinuria, glycosuria ...
To detect renal impairment.
Every 3 to 5 years.
-Stress Test: If the person has more than two cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, abdominal obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, family history of cardiovascular disease ...) or if the person wants to resume sporting activity.
Define the cardiovascular risk.
Every 3 years.
-Calculation of body mass index (BMI: height-weight) and weight control.
Control of cardiovascular risk, diabetes and hypertension.
Twice a year if overweight.
-Examination of the prostate: determination of PSA (PSA) and digital rectal examination. If the PSA is elevated, a biopsy of the prostate is proposed.
Screening prostate cancer.
Every year from 50 years

From 45 years if family history of prostate cancer.
-Hemoccult test (for blood in stool). Colonoscopy if risk factor of personal or familial colorectal cancer or blood in the stool.
Colorectal cancer screening.
Every 2 years from 50 to 74 years in the absence of personal risk factors or family.
-Eye exam by an ophthalmologist: visual acuity, measurement of intraocular pressure, fundus.
Monitoring of presbyopia, glaucoma screeningOf AMD, cataract and retinal problems.

In cases of high myopia.
Once a year or every 2 years.
Vision: glaucoma
-Control oral dentist.
Monitoring and Treatment: cavities, gums, loosening, abscesses ...
Every year.
-Examination of the skin if the presence of many moles, a family history of skin tumors, frequent exposure to sun, phototype blond or red.
Early detection of skin cancer.
Once a year.
The purpose of these Reviews is to detect any trouble as soon as possible to treat or slow down. The balance of fifty therefore aims to maintain healthy and fit as long as possible.

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