Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music for health

Listening to music is good for the heart!
Play music is good for morale but also for heart health. The music also soothes the pain and the anxiety. So please, listen to your favorite music every day.

U.S. researchers analyzed a series of studies have examined the effects of music health, made mostly from people with heart problem. They note as well that the fact of listen to music decreases the hypertension and frequency of beat heart. Compared to subjects cardiac not listening music ,those who let themselves be charmed by a pleasant melody in 30 minutes, saw their blood pressure drop.
How to explain this phenomenon? The music improves bloodstream. Specifically, the music stimulates the secretion of endorphins, a hormone that affects blood vessels and causes their expansion. In contrast, a piece of music found unpleasant or stressful will have the opposite effect with a narrowing of the vessels, unfavorable for the heart. We must therefore choose pleasant melodies, joyous and relaxing.

Music eases the pain. After a Cardiac Surgery, People who listening to music reported feeling less pain compared to subjects who have sat in silence.
Finally, in people who have a heart attack, listen to soft music for twenty minutes, helps to reduce anxiety.

Thus, music is beneficial for health. Listen to daily music is a good habit to get into, but be careful to choose well. It should be fun and relaxing. And if a family member is sick, bring him a player in charge of its prefered music, is an excellent idea to help during his hospitalization and his recover.
American Heart Association, November 2008.

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