Friday, December 14, 2012

When You Need Help For Your Headache

Most head pain can be sekf-treated with pain medicine or a little relaxation.But what if your headache symptoms just aren't typical  for you? Don't be reluctant to have you heas pain checked out,as it can signal a serious condition.

See your provider without delay if:
  1. You've had your first severe or worst-ever headache.
  2. You've had a headache with neurological symptoms-blurred vision,numbness,poor balance or trouble speaking(signs of stroke,a tumor,a migraine,encephalitis or other neurological problems)
  3. Your headache occurs with fever,a stiff neck,persistent vomiting or confusion.
  4. Your headache follows a head injury or serious ilness.
Make An appointment with your provider if:
  1. Your headache occurs several times a month and last for hours or days.
  2. Your headache has becomes more frequent or severe.
  3. Your hadache interfere with your normal work and activities.
  4. Your pattern of headaches started after age 50.
Before meeting with your provider writt a summary of your headache pattern and symptoms.treatment works best when you're an active member of your health care team.

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