Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bad breath

90 % of bad breath comes from bacteria on your tongue .
The vast majority of problems of bad breath are oral origin. It is the development of bacteria on the surface of the tongue, the gums or the teeth (dental plaque), which is responsible for the production of volatile sulfur compounds (CSV) smelly. An oral hygiene is impeccable so rigorously to find fresh breath. Brushing the teeth will be good with a brushing of the tongue and theflossing or interdental brushes. A visit to the dentist avoid problems of tooth decay or dental abscesses of bacterial sources.

Causes of bad breath may be:

-Oral: drinking of strong smelling foods (garlic, onion, coffee), smoking, oral thrush, the presence of casein in the tonsils, oral dryness (decreased saliva production after taking medication or after radiotherapy ENT), pharyngitis, sinusitis
-GI: gastro-esophageal reflux, gastric ulcer, diet rich in proteins
-Others: poorly controlled diabetes, stress
The treatment of bad breath starts with a visit to the dentist to remove any gum or dental problems and to conduct annual scaling. Oral hygiene multi-daily (2 to 3 times daily) is a thorough brushing teeth and tongue (a tongue-scraper, preferably morning), and the use of dental floss, brushes of or a jet irrigator.

Many products are available in pharmacies to relieve partially the problems of bad breath:
-Oral spray : Camouflage momentary action, most often based mint.

-Chewing gum and lozenges to suck mentholated They have the advantage of drool and then allow the drainage of the oral cavity

-Capsules to swallow : Base oil sunflower seeds and essential oil of parsley, they act by masking the smell of food in the stomach

-Lozenges purifying breath : Lozenges based essential oil of parsley and green tea extract (parsley is rich in phenolic compounds, it traps the sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath).
-Mouthwash specific breath : Antiseptics that contain participate in the elimination of bacteria

-Toothpaste promotes good breath : Antiseptics and menthol.

-Probiotics : Lozenges and chewing gum Perio Balance (Gum), originally designed for gum problems and basis of the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri, they restore the balance of the oral bacterial flora and are recommended when the natural defenses are impaired (fungal, antibiotic treatment , radiotherapy ENT). It is a kind of Ultralevure mouth. They give good results
-Natural remedies : Chew a cloves, fennel seeds, fresh parsley or chewing gum propolis. (Vero, Health- saison -tags)

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