Friday, March 12, 2010

Congo:Our vision

What vision would mean for Congolese?What is the vision that these people have for their own country, DR Congo?
Let us ask some questions that eventually will lead us all,elites as ordinary Congolese,to glimpse what our country is,will and should be in the decades to come.

For purposes of this presentation, we will work with the following definition: VISION is the mental representation (we do) about changing things or our daily reality from what we know today. It's a way to project into the future and to mentally represent how things have changed.

* What kind of country we, Congolese,want to live in the next millennium?
* Congo is a country that offers no hope for the day after its people.
* Congo is a country whose citizens think only to escape poverty.
* Congo is a country whose children are not enrolled or vaccinated.
* Congo is a country where students must sit on the floor to attend classes due to lack of benches as the country is full of forests (including woods exported daily to foreign ports).
* Congo is a country where teachers are not paid for years and that parents, anxious to see their children educated anyway, should contribute to the livelihood of teachers besides the tuition they had paid previously.
* Congo is a country where we continue to die of malaria, AIDS, simple diarrhea due to lack of treatment, even minor.
* Congo is a country in which children continue to suffer from polio, kwashiorkor, schistosomiasis while we export today mass of doctors, pharmacists.

* Congo is a country plagued by famine when there are plenty of arable land and it rains all year around.
* Congo is a country where children, women and men are wasted due to lack of adequate nutrition.
* Congo is a country where people take a meal every 3 days,sometimes not.
* Congo is a country where the monthly disposable income of a worker does not even allow him to cover transportation costs for a week?

* Congo is a land of misery where people, even in urban areas, have access to only the piss water ponds and creeks.
* Congo is a country that has capacity more than enough energy to light all of Africa while the majority of its inhabitants do not even enjoy the light from a 25 watt bulb.It is the richest country in the world taking about natural resources(land;water;forest;minerals;energy...)
* Congo is a country whose leaders are corrupt, and where everything is marketable.
* Congo is a country that has no infrastructure (no roads, no bridges, no water, no telephone, no affordable health centers, no good schools, etc..).
* Congo is a country that continue to remain a country of extraction of raw materials.
* Congo is a country for which leaders are chosen from other countries (remember that a leader of a neighboring country of Congo said: I have a say in the choice of who governs Kinshasa).
* Congo is a country that receives direction from other countries (big or small).
* Cong is at risk of been cutting up apart and its areas been annexed by its neighbors.

-Who has the solutions to all our problems?
Answer: no one but the Congolese!
-Who should make the Congo a nice country to live?
Answer: no one but the Congolese!
-Who can make the Congo an economic giant?
Answer: no one but the Congolese!
-Who can ensure that the Congo has an impact on world affairs?
Answer: no one but the Congolese!

If our country really was not worth, why so many people would fight for it. This is certainly because he is a gem. We Congolese, can still make the gem more beautiful and better.
Because we have space, natural and human resources (60 million women and men)

What we need else?
The political unity and national will? We can develop, it depends only on us.
The technology? We can develop and / or acquire from other nations.

In fact, the ingredients for a strong and lasting success is not beyond our reach. We can change things if we have the vision (in fact, good vision) and initiative. Only by trusting in us, working and being sure of our future as we move forward and change our existence as a nation and all people. There is no other secret.

Yes Mr.Michel Pumba(congoline),your are right.

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