Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Congo:A new scourge sexually transmitted (STP)

The democratic Republic of Congo has seen born a new scourge, sexually transmitted,called sexually transmitted points or STP.
The cause of this scourge is in getting points without any intellectual effort, if not that of having sex with professors.This scourge is find in all universities and colleges in the country without any action being taken to stop it.
The consequence of this scourge is the degradation of the quality of education and the spill on the employment sector of incompetents graduates.There is also the degradation of all national and private sectors of the country.
This form of corruption by sex, became a weapon of mass destruction in the university community,as it can lead to really STD (HIV;Gonorrhea;Chlamydia;Chancroid;Syphilis;Genital herpes...).

To whom it may concern and who can hear, it is time to act.

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Anonymous said...

It is a sad reality and worse it is an act performed and perpetrated by the elite class (professors) which knows better than anyone else…yet again it is orchestrated by political leaders who do not worry about the well being of educators who do not see other alternatives than sell what they have as precious (points) to the willing buyers (students)…it is a business; the only loser is the next generation of future leaders of the congo, our dear lost congo! Vicious circle