Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three deaf story

It is the story of a woman. She was deaf, so deaf that she heard nothing. Every morning she carried her child on her back and she went to his field. She had a huge field of peanuts. And one morning she was there, quietly working in his field, comes a gentleman. A man so deaf that he did nothing. And this gentleman was looking for his sheep. Listen well! He spoke to the lady:
"Madam, I am looking for my sheep, their footsteps have led me to your field. why could you not help me find them? Moreover, there is my good sheep among them, and s a wounded sheep,it easy to recognise them. Madam, if you help me find my sheep, I will give to you the wounded one.
"My field stops there!"
But she, heard nothing, understood nothing, she thought that the gentleman asked him just how far the field stop. She turned to say:
My field stops there. "The man followed the direction indicated by the woman and by a curious coincidence he found his sheep grazing quietly behind a bush. All the content is assembled and came back to the lady with the injured sheep. But , having heard nothing, understood nothing, she thought that this man accused of wounding his sheep. Then she got angry:
"Sir, I do not hurt your sheep. Go blame whomever you want but not me. Besides , I've never seen your sheep. "The gentleman when he saw that the woman angry, he thought that this woman did not want the wounded sheep but she wanted a bigger sheep . And in is turn, he got angry.
"Madam, is this sheep that I have promised you. There is no question that I give you the biggest of my sheep. "Both got angry, they are annoyed to the point that they finally get to court. And the court in the Africa of long ago, this happened on the village square in the shadow of a large tree, the palaver tree most often a baobab tree. And the judge, he was also the village chief he was there surrounded by all these people called significant. The lady and gentleman arrived while continuing their quarrel. And after the greeting,she spoke first:
"This gentleman found me in my field, he asked me how far my field stop. I showed him and I resumed my work. This gentleman gone but a few moments later he returned with a wounded sheep accusing me of having wounded. But I swear that sheep I've ever seen. That's why we're here sir. "It was the turn of the gentleman:
"I was looking for my sheep," he said, and their tracks led me to the field of this lady. I told her that if she helped me find my sheep I will give one of them but I specified the injured sheep. She showed me my sheep,I gave to her the injured sheep.She wants a bigger sheep. Do you think I'll give the bulk of my sheep close to the feast of sheep? "The judge got up. He was also as deaf as a pot. And when he saw the child on the back of his mother he thought that was only a small domestic dispute. Then he turned to the gentleman:
"Sir. This child is your child. Watch also how you like. So it seems you're a bad husband. And you madam, little problems like that. It is not worth coming here to spread it to everyone. Go home! I hope that you are reconciled. "Having heard the trial, everyone laughed. And laughter infects the judge, the lady and gentleman. What did they do? They burst out laughing while having understood nothing. And it was from there that the story raises the question.
The story wants to know which of these three is the most deaf?
It is better not to hurry to answer. We recommend somewhere in Africa, to have the neck as long as the camel, so that the floor before going out to take his time.

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