Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ingratitude punished


Wende had a mother goat he confided to an old woman. One day the hyena came and ate all the little goat, while it was not there. When the mother goat came back, she never regained that heads to the boxes. Then she dug a pit and disguise the hole with a mat. She picked up all the heads of her children and put them on the mat. The next day, the hyena returned and, finding nothing, threw himself on the heads but fell into the well. At this point, a donkey came past. "My brother's ass," said the hyena, could not you take me out?
If, said the donkey, I do so, are you not going to harm me after?
If you take me out, I will do no harm to you. "The donkey let his tail into the well and the hyena grabbed it and came out . As soon as she was outside, "I'll eat," she said to the donkey because I am hungry.
I've done well, "said the donkey resigned, you make me feel bad, but God will punish you!
At that time, the hare came: "What is it? "Said the hare. The donkey explained the case. "This is not true that," said the hare. It is impossible that the hyena come out with your tail.
If it's true, "said the donkey.
Is this true? said the hare turned to the hyena.
Yes, it's true, "said the hyena.
No, this is not true, "said the hare, it's impossible.
Well you'll see, "said the hyena piqued. And she descended into the well serving always the tail of the donkey. When she was there, ready to go.
"My friend," said the hare to the donkey, do not you know a direct route to return home?
Yes, said the donkey "and he fled. The hare left also and the hyena remained in the well until he died. (Conte Burkina Faso)

Moral: Do not be ungrateful towards the person who helps you.

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