Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Care Reform

The health reform in the United States of America has raised many debates. from the White House, through the congress and the senate, until the U.S. population, several positions are taken for this reform.Even more , manifestations of those who approve and those against had taken place.This reform, can help 45 million Americans who have no medical insurance receive medical coverage.
What will be the case with other private insurers?
What will be the amount of expenditure for the reform?
I think we must also reform the auto insurance.
There was an estimated 244.2 million number of motor vehicles registered in the United States in 2006.(
This number must be greatly exceeded in 2009. Let me estimate it at 300 million to date.
Suppose that each motor vehicle owner pay $ 2 only per month for his auto insurance, this would be 600 million dollars per month or 600,000,000 X 12 = 7 billion 200 million per year.
How many of these insurance companies spend per year?
How many accidents there are per year?
Don't you see that the auto insurance need a reform too?
I pay my insurance 8 years ago without being involved in one accident, 187.00 dollars monthly for my three vehicles and receives only a reduction of $ 1 every every six month.
Can somebody help me find a good auto insurance company?
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