Monday, March 15, 2010

The miser

It was once a very rich man. It was probably the richest man of his village. It was also the most miserly man so much so he was nicknamed M'bibizo meaning "stingy man."
M'bibizo was unique in its avaricious nature, he had neither wife nor an employee, he performed himself all the housework and he was proud not to spend.
One day, in performing its work, M'bibizo fell into a well and screamed to call for help very violent:
- Help, help!! he yelled.
Immediately, his nearest neighbor ran up and held out his hand, exclaiming:
- M'bibizo, give me your hand I'm kind of well.
But M'bibizo hated to give though and it is delayed it eventually extend his hand. This long reaction time was fatal for him,he died.

Without doubt he would have survived if his neighbor took his hand .
The village elders detained as it was much greed that eventually kill the rich M'bibizo.
Lesson:If you have been given ,Learn to share,because nobody knows why somebody can be given while others are get nothing.Wiseman said,we always need a little one than self.

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